Why Managing Office 365 Solutions Through an IT Provider Makes Your Utah Business More Productive

man working at desk using office 365 solutions

Slack, Trello, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Suite, Gmail—the average employee switches between 13 apps 30 times daily. Not only are they spending time switching between all these platforms, but 25% of employees say it makes them miss messages and action items.

Too many apps and tools mean too much time spent managing them. That’s why more Utah businesses are turning to IT providers for Office 365 solutions—it helps streamline the massive number of apps and tools they use, reducing wasted energy and increasing productivity.

No all-in-one tool for your business applications exists, but Office 365 gets close! Here’s why other Utah businesses are switching to Office 365 solutions.

Most Popular Office 365 Solutions

Microsoft 365 (M365) is an all-in-one platform with a suite of applications designed to help businesses stay productive and connected. The solutions offered through M365 provide access to the latest features and technology, allowing businesses to work smarter, not harder.

One of the most popular solutions in M365 is Microsoft Teams. It is a powerful collaboration tool that allows teams to chat, share documents and files, and have video meetings. Teams also integrates with other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Microsoft Office 365 also provides access to enterprise-level security tools such as Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If you want to keep your data safe from cyber threats, you need these tools.

Office 365 also includes email and calendar features, such as Outlook. This allows you to keep track of your emails, appointments, and other events in one place. And Office Online provides access to web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, so you can work from any device with an internet connection.

What Does the Average Workday Look Like With Office 365?

Office 365 solutions are designed to help you take the time you spend on mundane tasks and focus it on higher-value work. No more missed messages, lost documents, or wasted time—just streamlined productivity.

You can access popular applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from one convenient dashboard. Plus, you’ll have resources like Teams for project collaboration and OneDrive for document storage.

Your team members will be able to access the documents they need no matter where they are, and you’ll be able to manage, share, and collaborate on projects all from one central location.

Should You Manage it on Your Own or Partner With an MSP?

Using Office 365 and managing it independently would still give you access to all of the platform’s great tools. 

But the process of making the switch from your old applications, setting up security, and training your team can be time-consuming. IT providers make managing Office 365 easy by taking care of the technical side of things. 

This means no more worrying about software updates, security patches, or compatibility issues. With an IT provider, you can get all the benefits of the tools without having to manage them.

Join Over One Million Businesses That Use Office 365

Take full advantage of Office 365 by working with Galaxy IT for your consulting, setup, and management. You can tell our team what you want from Office 365—more productive employees, better collaboration, stronger security—and we’ll make it happen.

We love helping Utah businesses upgrade their workflows and make the most of Office 365. Schedule a free assessment to see how Galaxy IT can get you all the benefits of Office without the hassle of management!