What Are 7 Main Drivers for Using Outsourced Technical Support?

outsourced technical support technician working in server room

Everyone has a part of business that they’re experts at—maybe you’re the marketing guru or the finance expert. When most people start a business, they’re not thinking about an essential piece of the operation: technical support.

Whether you have the resources for an in-house team or not, parts of your technical support go unnoticed. One or two employees aren’t enough to help you take advantage of everything expert IT services can bring you. 

To fully maximize your company’s technology potential, you need the help of outsourced technical support. Here are seven reasons why businesses like yours are outsourcing their technical support:

1. Expert Support at a Fraction of the Cost

One IT employee can cost you an average of $52,000 a year in salary alone. But with the rate of changes in the tech world, coupled with increasing consumer demand, one employee won’t be enough to handle the workload.

With outsourced technical support, you can access a team of experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team. With continuous support, you’ll get more out of your IT without compromising on quality service.

2. Maximize Efficiency and Cost Savings

When you outsource your technical support, you take advantage of the economies of scale. Using a provider who has already invested in the necessary infrastructure and personnel allows your business to avoid expensive up-front costs.

You also don’t have to worry about maintaining the systems and equipment that come with managing a tech team. So beyond enjoying reduced costs and increased efficiency, you’ll also benefit from improved technical expertise.

3. Access to Industry Leading Solutions and Technologies

The right provider can advise your company on the best technology investments while helping you stay within your budget. 

This can include finding ways to use existing technology more efficiently and recommendations on new technology that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

4. Increased Focus on Core Business Goals

When you outsource some or all of your technical support, it frees up resources for you to focus on the core goals of your business. For example, you won’t need to worry about setting up software updates, fixing issues with hardware, or managing an internal system: that’s all taken care of by the provider.

5. Uninterrupted Service and Support

While it’s nice to have someone in the office who can troubleshoot, many companies are permanently shifting to remote work. This means your outsourced technical support will be just as accessible as an in-house team.

If you still have in-person work, the right IT provider will have ticket response and resolution times that rival your in-house team. In addition, every hour of their day is focused on giving you quality support and solutions. Most will even offer 24/7 monitoring—a benefit you can’t get without outsourcing.

6. Improved Security and Compliance

As the amount of data hosted online creeps into the hundreds of trillions, consumers expect more regarding data security. Your outsourced technical support will stay on top of these changes and updated federal and state regulations, so you don’t have to.

Leaving it up to someone that doesn’t know the industry—or worse, just hoping for the best—can cost you. You need to be sure your systems are compliant and secure and that your data is safe from threats like malware attacks or data breaches.

7. Better Insight into Your Customers

With outsourced technical support, you get better insight into customer behavior. They have the expertise to understand trends in usage, response times, system performance, and more. This can help you make better decisions about improving your customer experience and tailoring your products or services.

Ultimately, outsourcing technical support is a great way to free up resources and access expert-level support at a fraction of the cost and stay focused on what matters most to you.

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