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In today’s modern-day age, all businesses need email security. Galaxy IT can help your business to implement the most effective email security practices in order to keep your business’s data safe and protect from any costly breaches.

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Email confidentiality, message integrity, and identity can be secured by several encryption mechanisms. Galaxy IT can help your organization encrypt your email’s in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, and GDPR from point A to point B. This ensures that only the intended recipient is able to read messages sent across an email infrastructure.


When hackers are able to read emails, or intercept communications, this gives them access to confidential information that can be used against the company. Without email security in place, your business could end up paying much more when data is stolen.

Some consequences of poor email security include:

  • HIPAA and other compliance fines.
  • Hackers gaining access to mailboxes and changing email passwords.
  • Businesses can falsely represent themselves as another company through email spoofing, which could cause financial loss.
  • Phishing emails that trick users into giving away their confidential information

Galaxy IT offers all our customers email security solutions with every package allowing you to use powerful encryption software for total peace of mind and an assurance that your business’s sensitive data is secure.


Galaxy IT is a leading provider of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud services and data security, and we can help you achieve email security with our elite team of experts. We provide the necessary support for all industry-leading encrypted protocols to ensure your business data is protected at all times.

For more information on how Galaxy IT can effectively implement Email Security Services and other Managed IT Services to secure your business’s data, please browser our website or contact us today for a FREE IT Assessment!

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