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When it comes to security, businesses that operate remotely or work in a hybrid environment face extra challenges. Our Remote IT Support approach is the gold standard for hybrid and remote workforces.

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Salt Lake City Remote IT Support Services include:

  • Patch Management
  • Virus Protection
  • 24/7 System Monitoring & Resolution
  • Proactive Alerting with Remediation
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Routine Site Visits to Check Physical Devices
  • Short-term Loaner Workstations
  • System Performance Enhancements
  • Firewall Monitoring

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Small businesses from LA to New York City benefit from outsourcing their IT Service Management. You can focus on what you are good at while feeling confident that we are doing what we are good at, preventing and solving your IT problems.

Remote Businesses Require More Robust Security Solutions

Security and efficiency is key to keeping your company’s productivity running smoothly

Utah companies doing business remotely don’t have to worry about criminals stealing hardware, or copying sensitive data from their server systems. What is a serious concern, however, is cybercriminal activity. In addition to having to protect data that is remote in nature to managing remote employees, there are many reasons to seek smart, effective, and affordable remote IT support and security options.

The IT experts at Galaxy IT not only protect Utah businesses from cyberattacks but also excel at offering the most effective remote IT and security solutions for hybrid and remote operations too. Some of those solutions and services include:

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Remote IT Services and Security Solutions for Every Business

Even though accessibility means access to more customers, clients, patients, and revenues, it is also an open door for online criminals. Galaxy IT offers remote IT services including security for businesses in many industries such as:

From the necessary IT services for remote workforces that can provide both optimum workability and maximum security, businesses rely on professional and experienced IT partners. At Galaxy IT, companies don’t need to worry about concerns such as functionality and safety, meaning they can focus more on running their businesses.

Why Choose Galaxy IT?

Superior Security, Support, and Services

Companies that operate remotely or that use some type of hybrid business structure shouldn’t have to sacrifice security or operational efficiency. Galaxy IT offers businesses throughout Utah the best security, support, and services possible.

Business and technology go hand-in-hand. Having an expert IT partner to take care of the technology side enables companies to do what they do best on the business side. That is the advantage of having a partner like Galaxy IT on your side and protecting your business too.

Utah Business owners shouldn’t have to manage their own IT

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