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IT Support tailored for your business needs

Did you know that modern IT providers can do up to 95% of IT Support remotely?  That means that for most things, you don’t need to have an IT guy at your physical location.  This opens up a WHOLE WORLD of nationwide IT support possibilities!  That means you can take advantage of an IT firm in a low-cost market and get the best-in-class nationwide IT support for a fraction of what you would pay to hire someone locally in many cases.

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Galaxy IT by the numbers


Small businesses from LA to New York City benefit from outsourcing their IT Service Management. You can focus on what you are good at while feeling confident that we are doing what we are good at, preventing and solving your IT problems.


Our nationwide IT outsourcing company offers comprehensive managed IT services for supporting and managing the overall health of your entire network. With a combination of tools, we monitor, manage, and track all the components of your IT infrastructure to ensure your business can perform at its best. With a proactive, personable approach to all the IT systems, we work with you to prevent IT issues before they happen.

An IT team at your side

The technology services your company depends on shouldn’t cause you to stress or worry. Nationwide IT support solutions should be created with your businesses’ specific needs in mind. The technology solutions we offer are custom-tailored for each client. This way your needs are met, and so are your business goals.


Utah Business owners shouldn’t have to manage their own IT

Let us do it for you.

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