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How Updated Cyber Protection Solutions Can Prevent Downtime in Your Company

Coworkers using downtime to talk at a company

As technology advances, so do the threats that come with it. Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and devastating, causing significant downtime for companies of all sizes. With each minute of downtime, your company loses money, your employees are less productive, and your customers lose trust in your brand. To combat these threats, it is […]

6 Ways IT Security Providers Can Proactively Protect Your Systems

IT security providers using laptops at desk

The relentless growth and sophistication of cyber threats pose significant challenges to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a one-person show trying to handle your own security or a major corporation with a dedicated IT department, the threat of cyberattacks is very real and can have devastating consequences. Just like partnering with a third-party business […]

What are the Benefits of Backing Up Data on the Cloud vs Local Server?

Female hand holding cloud perforated paper craft to represent the cloud vs local server

Would your business recover if you went into the office one day and discovered your data had been wiped out? No sales records, no customer information, no financial data—all gone. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, securely backing up your data is a crucial aspect of your IT strategy. But what’s […]

What is a Common Indicator of a Phishing Attempt and What Can You Do to Prevent an Attack?

man working on computer avoiding phishing attempts while looking through emails

For modern businesses, where technology intertwines seamlessly with every decision, phishing attempts have become an ever-present threat. Despite the constant barrage of warnings and advice, these attacks continue to snare unsuspecting victims. Even the most cautious individuals sometimes fall for the cunning tactics of cybercriminals. To help you prevent these attacks, we’ll take a deeper […]

What Makes Outsourced IT Providers Better Able to Manage Your Technology Than an In-House Team?

business woman using outsourced it providers to assist in her company

From seamless communication to efficient data management, companies rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to stay competitive. You might be using in-house employees to keep your systems running and secure, but there may be another option that would help you get even better results. Outsourcing your IT needs to a third-party provider could provide you […]

5 Common Responsibilities of an Outsourced IT Professional

man working from home supported by managed IT company

As the market floods with managed IT companies (about 40,000 of them just in the US), picking the right one becomes a full-time job! But this decision is crucial because outsourced IT support is much more than helping you when a computer shuts off. An experienced company can help you understand your systems, plan for […]

The Pros and Cons of Cloud vs In-House Servers: Everything You Need to Know

laptop open on desk using cloud servers

As consumer demands increase and every business goes through a digital transformation to meet demands, business owners face a critical decision: Should they embrace the cloud or stick with the traditional in-house server approach? Both options have pros and cons, and making an informed choice is essential to ensure the security and efficiency of your […]

Best Practices for Businesses to Avoid Email Security Threats

woman typing on computer avoiding email security threats

It’s no secret that email is consistently one of the most vulnerable channels in the world of cybersecurity. Almost half of the millions of emails sent daily are considered spam, so using email is risky. But it’s become an irreplaceable part of our business communication. So, if you can’t live with email and you can’t […]

Optimize Your Tech: Evaluating Essential Services from Top IT Companies in Salt Lake City

man working in office supported by it company

As of 2023, Utah has ranked as #1 in economic outlook by the Rich States Poor States ranking for the last 16 years, was rated #1 best economy by U.S. News & World Reports, and was given the title of “Best State to Start a Business” by WalletHub. Needless to say, Utah has a robust […]

7 Ways Remote Computer Support Services Can Make Your Business Better

man at work online using remote computer support services

Can you remember the last time you went a business day without using technology? It’s become essential for almost every business process, which means it has the power to be an asset or a significant liability. One way businesses get access to IT expertise without forking out money for in-house salaries is through remote computer […]