5 Common Responsibilities of an Outsourced IT Professional

man working from home supported by managed IT company

As the market floods with managed IT companies (about 40,000 of them just in the US), picking the right one becomes a full-time job! But this decision is crucial because outsourced IT support is much more than helping you when a computer shuts off. An experienced company can help you understand your systems, plan for […]

The Pros and Cons of Cloud vs In-House Servers: Everything You Need to Know

laptop open on desk using cloud servers

As consumer demands increase and every business goes through a digital transformation to meet demands, business owners face a critical decision: Should they embrace the cloud or stick with the traditional in-house server approach? Both options have pros and cons, and making an informed choice is essential to ensure the security and efficiency of your […]

Best Practices for Businesses to Avoid Email Security Threats

woman typing on computer avoiding email security threats

It’s no secret that email is consistently one of the most vulnerable channels in the world of cybersecurity. Almost half of the millions of emails sent daily are considered spam, so using email is risky. But it’s become an irreplaceable part of our business communication. So, if you can’t live with email and you can’t […]

Optimize Your Tech: Evaluating Essential Services from Top IT Companies in Salt Lake City

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As of 2023, Utah has ranked as #1 in economic outlook by the Rich States Poor States ranking for the last 16 years, was rated #1 best economy by U.S. News & World Reports, and was given the title of “Best State to Start a Business” by WalletHub. Needless to say, Utah has a robust […]

7 Ways Remote Computer Support Services Can Make Your Business Better

man at work online using remote computer support services

Can you remember the last time you went a business day without using technology? It’s become essential for almost every business process, which means it has the power to be an asset or a significant liability. One way businesses get access to IT expertise without forking out money for in-house salaries is through remote computer […]

How to Ensure Outsourced IT Support is Working in Favor of Your Business

woman at cafe working on computer using outsourced IT support

So, you made the switch to outsourced IT support. If it’s working properly, it should make your life easier, give you access to more experienced staff and specialized skills, and save you money in the long run. If you have yet to experience those things, it might be time to have a serious conversation with […]

How to Select the Best Outsourced Tech Support Companies for Your Business

man at desk researching outsourced tech support companies

Tech support is the unsung hero of customer service and an invaluable asset for any business. With an increased dependence on digital technology, it’s increasingly important to make sure you have a reliable tech support vendor in your corner. The right tech support company can keep your systems running smoothly and ensure that you’re protected […]

What is a Cloud Infrastructure Consultant and How Can Cloud Solutions Promote Productivity and Organization for Your Business?

woman at desk at work receiving help from cloud infrastructure consultant

As consumer demand grows online, business owners need to access their data anywhere, and at any time. With traditional data storage, this wasn’t an option. But as global events like the pandemic and shifts in workplace expectations keep coming, the cloud has become a staple in every technology toolkit. If you feel like the cloud […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Managed IT Provider to Ensure Proper Data Recovery for Your Company

business colleagues reviewing data recovery plan for their company

For something as vital as data, it pays to have a little bit of backup. A managed IT provider can be the expert you need to ensure your business’s data is secure and recovered in the event of a disaster, which we all know can come at a moment’s notice. Considering 94% of companies that […]